The "Faye" Ear Cuff

The "Faye" Ear Cuff


Stone Appeal

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Faye: French — Loyalty; confidence; trust; belief
This is an invitation to express yourself and manifest a vision of YOU!

Description: 1 piece
Material: 18K Gold/Silver Plated on Solid Brass
Size: One size
Weight: Light (2.5G)
Your jewelry will be delivered to you in a Stone Appeal box

Withstands freshwater very well, to learn more about keeping your jewelry shining, here’s some Product Care Guide
• Keep gold plated jewelry away from chemicals, oils and makeup.
• Put on gold plated jewelry after cosmetics have been absorbed
• Don’t expose gold plated jewelry to chlorinated or salty water.
• Body oils and sweat can impact gold plating.
• Do not spray perfume on gold plated jewelry